greta van susteren fox news cnn Is Greta Van Susteren leaving Fox News for CNN?

Greta Van Susteren has come forward to clear the air after reports claimed she had initiated meetings with CNN about a possible return to the cable network. She recently re-signed a long-term contract to stay with Fox News, and set the record straight on her personal blog.

“I am not going anywhere,” Susteren writes. “I have a long term contract with Fox News Channel and it is for a daily cable news show in ‘prime time.’ Done, ok? (And by the way, don’t you love the courage of the anonymous sources? and those who then speculate from there? )”

After getting her start at CNN, Susteren switched over to Fox News in 2002. Though Susteren made the network her home, she has had no problem calling out her fellow hosts on their bad behavior.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz