Is Jude Law dating 20-year-model British model Lily Cole?

According to British papers, the pair has been seen on a few dates as of late. And the red-haired model was spotted doing the walk of shame, leaving Law’s pad one afternoon after entering it the night before.

You may recall that Jude, 35, is perhaps most famous for cheating on his women, including his ex-wife Sadie Frost, and his former fiance Sienna Miller, whom he cheated on with his children’s nanny in 2006.

Most recently, the nanny-humper was seen snogging Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kimberly Stewart, in a London club.

Lily is one of Britain’s hottest fashion models and is due to start school at Cambridge this fall. Wonder if Jude offered to help her with her O-levels? Just a joke. They don’t do O-levels in England anymore.

Would you want your daughter — or your nanny — to date actor Jude Law?

Photos: Heartbreaker Jude Law, left, lovely Lily Cole. Do they make a cute couple? Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead