barbara walters katie couric the view replacement abc Is Katie Couric replacing Barbara Walters on 'The View'?It’s been a season of change over at “The View,” but does that mean that talk of Katie Couric replacing Barbara Walters when she retires is true?

A New York Daily News report published on Friday (Sept. 13) generated the chatter, claiming that Couric wasn’t pulling in big enough ratings in her solo talk show’s second season and so, rather than just disappearing from the airwaves all together after the alleged inevitable cancellation, the former “Today” show host would instead pull up a chair on “The View.”

Walters and Couric responded to the report swiftly, both dismissing it as a baseless rumor. “I love Katie and we are good friends,” Walters tells E! News. “She is always welcome as a guest on ‘The View,’ and I was recently a guest on her show, but there is no truth to the rumor that she will be taking my place on ‘The View.'”

Couric took to Twitter for her response, reassuring one fan, “It’s totally not true and crazy how complete falsehoods get repeated. The world we live in I guess!”

“Wow!” she adds. “Appreciate the interest but … completely not true.”

It’s worth nothing that there’s still plenty of time to find a suitable replacement for Walters on her long-running chatfest. The venerable journalist doesn’t plan to retire until the summer of 2014.

Do you think Couric would make a good replacement for Walters? 

Posted by:Billy Nilles