3231229361 350f561f2e Katie Holmes: Preggers or just indigestion? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes left the Ivy restaurant — which is where celebrities go when they want to be mobbed by photographers — on Jan. 21.

But according to OK! Magazine, the moment when Tom tenderly put his hand on Katie’s dinner-packed stomach was a clear signal to the world that another Cruise baby missile is on the way.

"It was identical to how Tom used to stand with Katie when she was pregnant with Suri," an eyewitness tells OK!

Of course, Katie’s rep tells OK! she’s not expecting. But that’s not stopping every website from running with this baby-on-board news.

"Tom would love to have another baby!" a friend of the actor tells OK!. "There’s nothing that gives him more pleasure than his role as a father."

What do you think. Is this the "moment"? Is Katie pregnant again? Start the Suri brother/sister watch!

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Photo: OK!

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead