schaal commercial Is Kristen Schaal the best spokeswoman ever?

Sure, “Flight of the Conchords'”  Kristen Schaal doesn’t seem like an obvious choice to be a major corporation’s spokeswoman; After watching these ads for Sony Ericsson, we’re pretty sure a lot of companies are looking up quirky and under-appreciated actresses.

Sony Ericsson recruited Schaal to promote their new gaming smartphone Xperia Play. The campaign? Viral videos. Sounds basic =, right? Well, add in Schaal transforming in a crossbow-wielding dwarf and you’ve got a viral hit on your hands. We’re pretty sure “eyeballs!” will be the next great pop culture quote.

In another video, she transforms from busy businesswoman to gun-wielding crazy killer. Another quotable gem? “One kill, two kill, triple kill, b—-es!”

Schaal also voiced Trixie in “Toy Story 3” and Louise in “Bob’s Burgers.” Watch two of Schaal’s popular ads below — which include kittens, a crossbow and an AK-47. Seriously, we couldn’t make that up if we tried.

Posted by:tbricker