Larryking_shawnsouthwickkingCNN talk show host Larry King‘s wife, Shawn Southwick King, 48, checked into rehab over the summer for an addiction to painkillers needed for her chronic migraines, according to the

Now the National Enquirer is reporting that Shawn was having a yearlong affair with a young actor, Hector Penate, 29, who is also her son’s baseball coach.

Wait, it gets worse. Hector and Shawn reportedly made love on Larry’s desk when he wasn’t home.

Geez, remember when Shawn told Howard Stern back in 2006 that sex with Larry was  pretty wild?

"Larry has this Indian costume that just drives me wild …. I wear chaps!"

She told Stern that the then-72-year-old King’s boudoir war whoops weren’t heard until after they got married. Southwick is, after all, a devout Mormon.

So she waited until their wedding night and also made his doctor sign off due to Larry’s heart problems.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead