lindsay lohan probation revoked Is Lindsay Lohan tweeting from rehab at Betty Ford?On Sunday, TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan has been a model patient at her rehab facility. Whereas last time Lindsay caused a ruckus, landed a lawsuit, snuck out, and was believed to be drunk on rehab grounds, this time, she’s been on her best behavior. She’s attended her counseling sessions — both group and one-on-one —  and she’s taken her lessons about self-control and reckless impulses to heart.

“Lindsay is saying the program is getting more complicated and emotional, but she’s not shying away,” reports TMZ. Since the actress has had them on speed dial in the past, it’s possible that she’s reached out to the site to report about her own condition.

Particularly because she seems to have plenty of contact with the outside world while at the facility — in fact, she even Tweeted on Saturday. Or did she?

The tweet is oddly suspicious, as it promotes an iPhone app, so it’s most likely a paid endorsement handled by someone else on Lindsay’s team … though it doesn’t have the usual “spon” or “#sp” that is supposed to accompany a sponsored tweet from a celebrity.

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