Meghan McCain allegedly acted like a brat at the White House Correspondents' dinner Saturday night, showing up with two pals and only two tickets to the sought-after event. Bad move.

According to the New York Daily News, security got someone to sort out the ticket situation, but Meghan initially got bratty and informed him, " ‘We’ll just stand here then,’ like an insolent child,” its source said, adding that, “She muttered to her friends, ‘Does he even know who the f— I am?’ “

McCain “was complaining about everything from the air-conditioning to the wait,” says its leak.

And she didn't much care for Wanda Sykes’ roast either.

“Sen. McCain gave you grief about the new helicopters you didn’t order,” said Sykes. “I think Mr. McCain was a little bitter because he wanted to be in the new helicopters. Mr. McCain, I’m sure if you ask nicely, your wife will buy you a new helicopter.”

“I didn’t like the joke about my mom [Cindy],” daughter McCain told the Daily News afterward. “Why talk about her at all? I (didn’t mind the jokes) about my dad, but leave my mom out of it. It really wasn’t in good taste.”

All we feel qualified to remark on is Meghan's unfortunate white silk dress that emphasized her waist, not her best feature, and smushed her chest. And the side-swept, partial up-do is way too prom night.

Poor Meghan is trying to become a political wonk of note. But she's in no danger of making it on any political best dressed list.

And she was definitely NOT the fashion hit of the dinner, where she was surrounded by Hollywood's hottest babes, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria and Natalie Portman, in their designer gowns.

Keep reading for photos of Demi, Eva and Natalie, to see how it should be done.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead