Miley Cyrus has denied that her song "7 Things" was inspired by one boy in particular.

But according to Brett Ratner, who directed the "7 Things" music video, it may be Nick Jonas who gave her his dirty socks.

As well as the telltale necklace she’s wearing in the music video.

"The necklace she’s wearing in the video is the necklace [the boy] gave her," Ratner told MTV. "She’s wearing his diabetes or medical necklace."

Hmmm. Nick Jonas, who dated Cyrus for two years until late 2007, has Type 1 diabetes and is a spokesman for diabetes awareness.

Cyrus brushed off recent speculation about Jonas being the topic of “7 Things,” telling MTV, "Most of my songs are for the girls who hate their current or ex-boyfriends."

Maybe. But we think Selena Gomez -– rumored to be dating Nick Jonas now — should pay closer attention to the song lyrics to see if the shoe — and the necklace — fits.

The following video is NOT "7 Things." It’s the audio of the Jonas Brothers’ song, ‘Sorry." But it does feature the necklace in question….

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead