Where are Paris Hilton’s pets?

That’s what the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services is trying to find out.

"I have 17 dogs — lots," the celebutante told Ellen DeGeneres on her TV show last week. "They all sleep in my bed — well, not all of them, but I let some of them." She added that the dogs "keep having babies, and I feel bad about giving them away."

When DeGeneres asked Hilton why she didn’t get the dogs neutered, she said that they all now were "fixed," but later admitted, "well, two of them weren’t."

Paris apparently had no idea that, as well as needing a license to drive a car, she also needs a license to have that many dogs in her L.A. residence.

According to Capt. Wendell Bowers, director of field operations for the L.A. Department of Animal Services: "There is a three cat/three dog limit per house, unless you are a licensed breeder."

After getting complaints from several animal agencies about what Paris said on Ellen’s TV show, Capt. Bowers and a Spay/Neuter Task Force rep paid a visit to Hilton’s home to check out the situation and serve her with a citation.

"We went to the only known address and the house is under construction," Bowers said. "There were no animals, only some construction workers and a housekeeper. We left the citation with her."

So where are all of Paris’ pups? That’s what Capt. Bowers is trying to find out.

]]>Parishilt_james_6626888_600Kris Kelly also tried recently to find out who was caring for Prada, a black kitten that Paris adopted last year from her rescue agency, the Kris Kelly Foundation.

"I was very worried when I let her adopt the kitten. But I knew and trusted her [former] publicist Elliot Mintz and [author/animal trainer/psychiatrist] Shelby Marlo, who was caring for her animals."

But when she heard that Paris’ pets were now being cared for by Paris’ employees, including her housekeeper, she grew concerned.

Lori Glass Berk, Paris’ publicist, says: "The animals are all fine and are being cared for by people Paris employs, not professional animal handlers."

"Paris bought a new home in a gated community that is more conducive to privacy," Glass Berk said.  "But there’s nothing in the house yet. She hasn’t moved in. So her pets are staying with various people. They’re not all together. A couple are with her parents."

Kelly pushed for Prada’s neutering appointment — an adoption requirement that had not been fulfilled. "I made sure the housekeeper brought him to my vet, Value Vet. When there was no phone call and no attempt to retrieve him after the surgery, I stepped in, paid for the neutering and took him back."

Glass Berk says she hopes the concern over Paris’ pups will be cleared up when Capt. Bowers speaks with Jason Moore of Paris Hilton Entertainment today.

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Full disclosure: I adopted my black kitten, Gremlyn, from the Kris Kelly Foundation last spring.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead