Even when Patrick Stewart is goofing off in a tree house with his fiancee Sunny Ozell, he still can’t turn off his love of acting. Ozell uploaded a hilarious video to her YouTube account of Stewart “teaching” her the “quadruple take,” which is his exaggerated comedic progression of the single and double take. While the video on its own is hilarious, many are speculating that Stewart might have imbibed a bit before it was filmed.

According to some sites, Stewart had smoked marijuana prior to filming this “masterclass.” Considering how giggly and goofy he acts in the video, that doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. But regardless of whether he was taking the recreational drug or not, Stewart continues to make it easy adore him as he delivers the line, “Her buns are the best” four times in a row without cracking a smile.

Also, yes, technically this “quadruple take” is a “quintuple take,” but the fact remains that it will be hard to take any sort of acting “take” seriously again.

In case you missed it in the video, here is the quadruple take in all of its glory:

stewart take Is Patrick Stewart stoned in 'quadruple take' acting class video?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz