duck dynasty parade cover Is Phil Robertson quitting 'Duck Dynasty' after Season 4?

The stars of “Duck Dynasty” did a cover shoot and interview for Parade magazine, and before we get all hung up on the cool stuff the Robertsons said about their beards, it should be noted immediately that family patriarch Phil Robertson announced he is not long with the A&E show.
The last bit of the Q&A posted to Parade’s website asks, “How much longer does patriarch Phil plan to be part of the show?” And Phil’s response? “Not long. But I think it’ll go on without me.”
It was rumored around the end of Season 3 that Phil threatened to quit the show if A&E dropped the regular family prayer scenes. But the Robertsons subsequently — kinda, sorta — denied being asked to do any such thing by the network. It’s also no secret that a fourth season was up in the air for some time as the Robertsons reportedly held out for higher salaries and future raises. 
Perhaps Phil’s looming departure is the reason “Duck Dynasty” is getting a new cast member this coming season in the form of a Willie and Jase’s beardless brother. Update: The network tells Zap2it that Phil and the rest of the family are contracted beyond Season 4. 

So, when Phil plans to leave the show is anyone’s guess. “Duck Dynasty” Season 4 premieres on A&E Aug. 14.
Posted by:mchance