Pippa-Middleton.jpgIt looks like the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister Pippa Middleton is about to be famous for more than her dating life, her royal sibling and her posterior. She’s reportedly in talks to write a book.

According to the Telegraph, Pippa has had two meetings with publishing house HarperCollins about a party-planning book. Well, that makes total sense, since her family runs a party planning business called Party Pieces.

It’s being predicted that she could
make more than a million pounds (about $1.6 million) from royalties and the sale of international rights and
spin-off projects. Not bad!

A publishing source told the Sunday Times, “Pippa is very serious about the project and
has been going to meet publishers personally. Pippa hasn’t signed a contract
yet but I don’t think it will be far off. She is a good writer but I expect
she would be offered the services of an experienced ghost writer.”

The book will supposedly include party etiquette, decoration and snack foods, as well as a section on children’s parties. 

Pippa, do teach us to plan parties. Zap2it is looking forward to reading it. But we’d really be interested in a workout book from you. With butt-shrinking tips. Please?

Posted by:jbusch