britney spears till world ends Is rapture/doomsday scheduled May 21? What does Britney Spears know?Okay, call us conspiracy theorists, but we think it’s awfully coincidental that the rapture is — per evangelist Harold Camping — scheduled to occur on Saturday (May 21) and Britney Spears released a single called “Till the World Ends” in April — less than two months before the expected end times.

It’s as if she had some kind of inside line to Armageddon and is — gasp! — capitalizing on it.

In the song, Brit Brit sings “Keep on dancing till the world ends,” but seems to squander her opportunity to warn us about the coming rapture by going on about taking things “to the next level ba-by” and “noticing your staring.”

We’d like to ask Britney to get serious and give us some real pre-rapture advice. Like, should we just go as is or put on our Sunday clothes? Oh, and that whole “C’mon get me get me on the floor/DJ whatcha whatcha waitin’ for!?” — totally not helpful.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson