Web rumors are rife about "Twilight" hunk Robert Pattinson being chosen as the lead in "Ohio," a movie based on the 1970 slayings of anti-Vietnam War protesters during the uprising at Kent State University.

Zac_fron Justin The rest of the cast is rumored to include other hot male stars Zac Efron and Justin Timberlake.

But Twilighters Anonymous is reporting that Star magazine has revealed that Timberlake and Efron are a bit annoyed that Pattinson, a relative screen newcomer, has been offered a leading role.

Huh? What has Efron been in besides the "High School Musical" movies?

And Timberlake’s career isn’t exactly chockablock with major roles in blockbuster films. OK, he’s great on "SNL" and all, but seriously, he’s no one to throw film career stones.

However, Pattinson was in a Harry Potter film (even if his character did get killed) and stars in the upcoming "Little Ashes," playing eccentric, sexually ambiguous and controversial artist Salvador Dali.

So there.

And for those Kristen Stewart fans who are annoyed that I didn’t run a trailer of "Adventureland" last week, keep reading….

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Looks pretty funny. And Kristen looks hot. And way more approachable than she is as Bella. What do you think?

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