The celebrity swatting train just keeps rolling on. Ryan Seacrest, producer and “American Idol” host, is the awful trend’s latest victim, according to reports.

TMZ.com reported on a swatting-in-progress on Wednesday (April 10) afternoon, saying that police had received a call of shots fired in Seacrest’s Beverly Hills home. It sounds like a 911 call started off the incident by claiming that shots had been fired inside the house by “mobster-looking guys in suits with rifles.”

Because that’s a likely scenario.

Unfortunately, the police have to treat every 911 call like it was the real thing. The result of all of this swatting is simply a waste of manpower for the purpose of harassing a bunch of celebrities.

The big question for today is: Will the swatting incident affect Seacrest’s schedule for the day. The host is expected on-set and ready-to-go at “Idol” by 5pm local time, only a few hours after police were called. Even for a false report like this, you have to imagine there’s a lot of paperwork.

If Seacrest were to be delayed, he wouldn’t be the first “American Idol” person to show up late this season — judge Nicki Minaj missed the beginning of the season’s very first performance show due to a traffic jam.

Swatting has become a big thing in the past weeks. Most recently, Russell Brand, Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake became targets of the epically dumb prank.

Posted by:Laurel Brown