Could Christian Bale‘s temper tantrum on the “Terminator Salvation” set have cost him the "Batman" franchise?

The Web buzz is that Sam Worthington, the Aussie actor who co-stars with Bale in “Terminator Salvation,” may replace Bale in the third “Batman.”

Bale_and_worthington_2"Terminator" opens in May and Sam’s next film is James Cameron’s "Avatar." Cameron, who created "Terminator," has called Worthington the "breakout star" of both new films.

As Worthington says in "Terminator Salvation," ‘I’m the only hope you have."

Industry gossip in the Aussie paper the Herald Sun suggests this powerful screen presence could snag the lead in the third installment of the hit "Batman" film franchise.

That could mean Sam would kick Christian to the pavement and steal his cape.

Even MTV is writing about the possibility. "Could Warner Bros. be looking for a fresh start with a new, on-the-rise actor, especially given Bale’s epic, PR-wrecking on-set tantrum which made the rounds a few months back?"

Hmmm. Was that why the insiders’ tape of Bale’s F-bomb-laden meltdown, which took place in 2008, was leaked to the media earlier this year? To damage Bale’s rep and give the filmmakers an excuse to drop their temper-challenged star?

No official word either way from WB. And we don’t expect there to be — at least, not yet. Stay tuned.

To see the amazing new Terminator trailer, keep reading. But fasten your seat belts. And keep an eye on this Sam Worthington.

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Bottom photo: Worthington and Christian Bale in a scene from "Terminator." Credit: Warner Bros.


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead