steve martin dad report twitter gi Is Steve Martin a dad? And did he drop hints on Twitter?   Report

Amid reports that Steven Martin has become a first-time dad at the age of 67, we have to wonder if the super-private comedian has dropped any hints about the baby on Twitter.

He may just have done that.

Reports of a baby born to Martin and his wife, Anne Stringfield, first surfaced in the New York Post‘s Page 6 column. The same report indicated that Martin and Stringfield have been seen out with the little one and quoted a source that confirmed the birth. “They’ve had a baby, and how they kept it a secret nobody knows,” the source said. “They are thrilled. They worked hard to have the baby.”

Even if Martin has managed to keep this quiet officially, there are possible hints on the actor’s Twitter page. The first potentially baby-related post came as a response to a fan question on Saturday (Feb. 9):

“Can’t stand ’em. RT @KillerQueen09: @SteveMartinToGo Steve would you bear my children please? :-)”

Not much of a hint, of course. But Martin did follow up this Twitter response with a pair of tweets on Monday (Feb. 11). The first read:

“Coo coo, cutsy wootsy, footsy pie.”

Followed by:

“My recent dada Tweet was admired by the artistic community.”

This is definitely circumstantial evidence, of course. But, combined with the news reports, such activity on Twitter does point in the direction of fatherhood.

Posted by:Laurel Brown