taylor swift 4chan user Is Taylor Swift secretly a 4chan user? The evidence says yes

One Reddit user with a whole lot of time on their hands found a connection that just might make the Internet explode. Redditor RickAstley666 put together a pretty convincing collection of evidence that argues Taylor Swift might actually be an avid 4chan user.

The collection of screenshots are taken from the 4chan /b/ message board, a forum on the site where people can post anonymously. Those screenshots of anonymous comments are then cross-referenced with tweets and YouTube videos from Swift’s accounts that show a surprising correlation.

For instance, on Nov. 6, 2011 a 4chan user asked for help naming her kitten. The next day, a story broke about how Swift named her kitten “Meredith,” the same name that was suggested on 4chan.

In a separate situation, a 4chan user posted a picture of herself on Sept. 16, 2009 saying, “I’m feeling down. Please make me smile.” Though the photo only showed the girl from the nose down, she looks a lot like Swift. To add further evidence, Swift shot a YouTube video with the exact same background behind her as the one on the 4chan comment.

Coincidence? Maybe. Conspiracy? Probably. Swift and her reps haven’t commented on this 4chan theory yet, but for now we like the idea that Swift is secretly trolling the ranks of 4chan without (mostly) anyone realizing.

Here’s the evidence. Do you think it holds up?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz