Teri Hatcher’s been getting some not so great reviews during the ABC Up Fronts in New York for her, um, renewed look. You can see the difference between a 2007 Teri at Sundance in January (left) and a 2007 Teri in New York on May 16 (right).

According to a UCLA dermatologist who treats several actresses (but not Hatcher): "It looks like she has gotten a lot of injectable filler – perhaps Juvederm and/or Restylane injected into her naso-labial folds, jawline, lower eye area and cheeks. It’s an attempt to fill in an aging face that is losing youthful fullness without resorting to drastic plastic surgery. It will probably look better in a few weeks. But right now, she looks a  bit swollen, artificial and over-filled."

To put it bluntly, she looks like a balloon. But this too shall pass. Most fillers are not permanent and disappear within months, maybe a year or two. All we can do is thank God the still-gorgeous Teri left her lovely lips alone and didn’t go in for the Hollywood Trout Pout. 

Photo Credits: Teri Hatcher –  Before and After. Which do you think looks better? For a second look, keep reading…

Jim Spellman/WireImage
Todd Williamson/WireImage


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead