Courteneycox_dirt_s1_240Just saw the much-ballyhooed kiss between Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston on the Dirt season finale. Gotta say, if they had done that when they were trying to get their apartment back from Joey and Chandler, those guys would have had the big place with the balcony forever.

More on the finale coming in the morning, but if anyone cares to weigh in on the most overhyped kiss in recent TV history, the floor is yours.

NOW THEN: As with much of what I watched of Dirt this season, the finale was a little bit frustrating. I said some nice things about the show back when it premiered in January, but my primary beef was with its tone: Did it want to be a character study of Courteney Cox’s ruthless Lucy Spiller and her schizophrenic photographer/friend Don (Ian Hart)? An examination of our fascination with cheap celebrity culture? An over-the-top satire of said culture?

I drifted in and out of the show some over the course of its run, but the episodes I did catch didn’t answer those questions. I was with the hostage-standoff episode, for example, for much of the time (Vincent Gallo as a former child star? Sure, why not?), because it seemed perfectly logical within the realm of the show that Lucy would want to have the best story on the gunman holding her staff hostage in a desperate attempt to get attention for himself. And then the script had Gallo’s character shoot Lucy’s assistant in the head, and I jumped right off again.

The finale left things in a rather perilous state for Lucy, having just been stabbed by Julia, the ex-girlfriend (Laura Allen) of Holt (Josh Stewart), the actor Lucy had been having sex with in recent weeks; it also appeared that Lucy was able to turn the knife on her attacker, though there was no body shown in the final moments of the episode.

Julia, who was already seeing her career spiral downward after a stint in rehab and the release of a sex tape featuring her and another actor — she put it out there to get her name in the papers again — finally snapped when Lucy’s rival, Tina Harrod (Aniston), showed her pictures of Lucy and Holt kissing.

I’m not sure how to read Tina’s motives here — as Aniston played her, she’s clearly eeevil, but her evilness is cloaked in a sympathetic, best-girlfriend sort of persona. One would guess that Tina was hoping more that Julia would go public with the pictures rather than stab Lucy in the gut.

Given how things ended, it would also seem that, if FX decides to renew Dirt, Aniston would need to return for a couple of episodes. That’s one big thread left hanging there, and it’d be a lot harder to tie up without her.

Whether the show does come back is an open question. The other new series FX has rolled out this year, The Riches, has drawn more critical acclaim, and its premiere fared a little better in the ratings than did Dirt‘s. There’s a chance it could come back, particularly since The Shield is nearing its endgame. But I doubt the nation is waiting with bated breath to see what happens.

Posted by:Rick Porter