menounos tebow getty Is Tim Tebow's newest fan Maria Menounos?While Tim Tebow is likely still licking his wounds after his Denver Broncos got trounced by the New England Patriots 45-10, it appears he still has a fan in “Extra” host Maria Menounos. The 33-year-old Menounos took to the Golden Globes red carpet and offered her best version of “Tebowing” on Sunday (Jan. 15).

In the pose, Menounos got down on one knee while wearing a form-fitting yellow dress and rested her forehead on her fist. Menounos brought the sexy to the pose that seemingly has devolved into a national punchline.

Menounos, a Boston-area native and a Patriots fan, took some time on Saturday (Jan. 14) to acknowledge the Broncos and their star for a nice season. “You guys had a good run,” she writes on Twitter.

So, now that people are Tebowing on the red carpet, has this Internet meme run its course? Or is there more to follow?

Posted by:David Eckstein