zachbraff_sarahchalke.jpgThought I’d answer a few quick ones for two shows near and dear to my heart…

Will Zach Braff still be the star of “Scrubs” when it comes back December 1st? Whaddu u know? -Kel
Though some of you may be seeing promos which suggest that Zach will remain the star of of the show this season, that’s not exactly true. He will play a significant role, having done six of the 13 episodes set to start airing next month (and I just spoke with creator Bill Lawrence who seemed pretty confident about saying that Zach will do even more if ABC orders additional eps), but the stars of the new and improved “Scrubs” are definitely Kerry Bishe, Dave Franco and Mike Mosely.

Kerry Bishe — who plays a young, insecure med student at “Scrubs” new University set-up — will actually take over Zach’s voice over duties, so she’s essentially the show’s focal point now. But your old school favorites are still doing their thing, don’t fret. Zach, Donald Faison (Turk), John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox), Ken Jenkins (Kelso), Sarah Chalke (Elliot) and Neil Flynn (The Janitor) all show up for the premiere and will continue to pop up… Donald and Johnny C regularly… Zach, Ken and Sarah often.

Will Sarah Chalke’s real-life pregnancy be written into the new season of “Scrubs”? -Kate
It will. But we won’t see her deliver or anything. The logistics of that were just a little too complicated. There is, however, a little J.D.-Elliot on the way in TV land.

Jasper on “90210” is awesome! Is he going to kill Annie when he finds out that she totally murdered his uncle? -P
Ha, no. Actually, he’s going to discover the truth sooner than later, but it seems his passionate, crazy love for Miss Wilson will keep him from ratting her out… that doesn’t mean she won’t get caught though. The writers aren’t going to leave her hit-and-run storyline hanging too much longer.

What are Liam and his friends going to do to get back at Naomi’s
sister on “90210”?! If they do get back at her, do you think Liam will get back
together with Naomi?! -shreya

Naomi’s sister Jen is going to get what’s coming her way. Finally. As for Liam and Naomi, listen up…


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