baby names gi Isabella, Jacob, Sophia, Ethan    2010's most popular baby namesWe’ll probably have to wait for next year for “Moroccan Scott” to make its appearance on the Social Security Administration’s list of most-popular baby names. The 2010 list is out, though, and the top picks are mostly predictable: Isabella and Jacob top the list, followed mostly by the usual suspects: Aiden, Jayden, Emma, Emily and the omnipresent Madison. Sophia is a steady gainer — moving up three spots from last year.

The top 10 boy names:

1. Jacob
2. Ethan
3. Michael
4. Jayden
5. William
6. Alexander
7. Noah
8. Daniel
9. Aiden
10. Anthony

The top 10 girl names:

1. Isabella
2. Sophia
3. Emma
4. Olivia
5. Ava
6. Emily
7. Abigail
8. Madison
9. Chloe
10. Mia

But, according to one baby name “expert,” the most interesting bit of the list comes after the top 10, where trendy names often place. And, in 2010, the trends were all about reality TV. In 2010, Maci (as in Maci Bookout from MTV’s “!6 and Pregnant”) was the fastest-rising girl’s name in the U.S. And just to drive home the point, the fastest rising boy’s name was Bentley, the name of Ms. Bookout’s son.

Bentley, however, also appears on a recent list of America’s most-disliked baby names along with Jayden, Brayden, Kayden, Madison, Addison, Mackenzie, McKenna and Makayla and Nevaeh (“heaven” spelled backward).

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson