Saragilbert_twins_240_002 Should the 2007 TV season be forgot and never brought to mind? Of course not.

Before we say a final farewell to the TV year that was, a look back at some of my picks for the best of 2007.

Best ex-boyfriend: Roy on The Office. Yup I still miss him.

Best potential boyfriend: Scotty on Brothers & Sisters. Although I’m beginning to think he’s too good for Kevin.

Best guest star by former series star, female: Sara Gilbert, who appeared on Private Practice, The Class, The Big Bang Theory, and ER this year

Best guest star by former series star, male: Steven Weber who in addition to his sharp role on Studio 60, appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Monk, Side Order of Life and has just begun a guest stint on Brothers & Sisters.

Best guest star, male: John Billingsley, who in addition to his role on The Nine appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Journeyman and NCIS this year.

Best guest star, female: Caroline Aaron who was matchmaker on Brothers & Sisters, a patient who might lose her ability to talk on Grey’s Anatomy and popped up on both Entourage and Ugly Betty.

Best omnipresent guest star, male: Paul Schulze who this year added to his long litany of guest star appearances by stopping by The Nine, Mad Men, Boston Legal, CSI: Miami and Journeyman.

Best omnipresent guest star, female: Gail O’Grady who is a Senator on Cane, a judge on Boston Legal, stopped by CSI and Monk and also managed to star in Hidden Palms in 2007

Best sexual tension we don’t want consummated: Bones and Booth on Bones

Best reason to only say goodbye once: 7th Heaven

Best cancelled show: Veronica Mars

Best date: Eddie Cibrian, who romanced Sam on Samantha Who? and Karen on Dirty Sexy Money and Blair Underwood who romanced Christine on The New Adventures of Old Christine and that’s right Karen on Dirty Sexy Money.

Best place to find Joss Whedon: Directing episodes of The Office

Best escape from Prison Break: Rockmond Dunbar, who left the show and went on to star in Heartland and guest star in Shark, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI: Miami.

Best New Dad: Glenn Morshower as Landry’s dad on Friday Night Lights

Best Voice Over: Kristen Bell as the one, the only Gossip Girl.

Best Snarky Boss: Rick Hoffman as Sam’s boss on Samantha Who?

Best Boss: Liz Lemon on 30 Rock

Best Bad Show: Tie between Private Practice and October Road

Best versatile guest star: Kevin Rankin who plays Herc on Friday Night Lights and was on CSI, State of Mind, Grey’s Anatomy and Bionic Woman.

Best reason to not let success go to your head: The second season of Heroes.

Best brothers, real: Alec Baldwin who is uproarious on 30 Rock and William Baldwin who is simultaneously sympathetic and amusing on Dirty Sexy Money.

Best brothers, fictional (comedy): Earl and Randy Hickey on My Name is Earl

Best brothers, fictional (drama): Justin, Tommy and Kevin Walker on Brothers & Sisters.

Myboys_jordanaspiro_2401 Best brother and sister, fictional: P.J. and Andy on My Boys

Best former show to populate new shows: Six Feet Under. Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters), Peter Krause (Dirty Sexy Money), and Freddy Rodriguez (Ugly Betty). And coming soon to a TV set near you — Lauren Ambrose (The Return of Jezebel James).

Best Friends: The gang on My Boys

Best Reason to go back to college: Greek

Best Reason to pretend like you’re still young enough to watch a show clearly aimed at a different demographic: Gossip Girl

Best Everwood guest star: Debra Mooney who was a patient on Private Practice, a judge on Boston Legal and also stopped by Psych.

Best person to give good quotes, male: Ladies and gentlemen we have a four way tie — Michael on The Office (obviously), Sawyer on Lost, Cappie on Greek, and Barney on How I Met Your Mother

Best person to give good quotes, female: Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy

Best reason not to give up after a lousy season: 24

Best reason to give up after a lousy season: Prison Break

Best reason to stay home on a Friday night: Friday Night Lights

Best proof that it’s not over until it’s over: The return of Jericho

Best proof that it’s over when it’s over: The end of Gilmore Girls

Best proof that it’s not over even when Donald Trump says it is: The return of The Apprentice

Best new bad boy: Chuck on Gossip Girl

Best returning bad boy: Sawyer on Lost

Best bad boy I’ll miss the most: Logan on Veronica Mars

Best use of color: Pushing Daisies

Best reason to stay broken up: Derek and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy

Best proof that something that sounds like a bad idea actually is a bad idea: Viva Lauglin

Best duo to give good quotes: The Winchester brothers on Supernatural, Wilhemenia and Marc on Ugly Betty

Best new sidekick: Sock on Reaper

Best returning sidekick: Barney on How I Met Your Mother

Best Reason to Blink and Miss It Comedy: The Winner

Best Reason to Blink and Miss It Drama: The Wedding Bells

Best Reason to not Blink and not miss it Drama: Drive

Best Reason to not Blink and not miss it Comedy: Andy Barker, P.I.

Best cast addition to an existing show, female: Dana Delaney on Desperate Housewives and Brooke Smith on Grey’s Anatomy

Best return of a character: Rose on Two and a Half Men

Best geeky superhero: Chuck

Best proof that your teen career does not define you: Christina Applegate

Best rebound from Gilmore Girls: Scott Patterson on Aliens in America, Melissa McCarthy on Samantha Who?

Best proof that the best of intentions don’t necessarily lead to a great show: K-ville

Best Devil: Ray Wise on Reaper

Best Shake Up: The survival of the fittest on House

Best reason to be sad a show is ending with proper amount of warning, comedy: Scrubs

Best reason to be sad a show is ending with proper amount of warning, drama: The Wire

Best Ex-wife: Joy on My Name is Earl

Best Ex-husband: Christopher on Gilmore Girls

That’s my best for 07. What’s yours? Post your picks below. I’ll be back to business on Monday because, despite the writer’s strike, the networks aren’t wasting any time kicking off the new year. So I’ll be talking about the return of Law & Order, the premiere of Cashmere Mafia ( I couldn’t help but wonder . . . is this a Sex & the City knock-off?), a familiar face checking into the ER, The Celebrity Apprentice, The Wire and more. Have a question, seen a familiar face or want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at Have a great weekend. Talk to you on Monday.

Posted by:Amy Amatangelo