Natalie_bigbrother_s9_240 This week’s elimination episode of Big Brother: ‘Til Death Do You Part once again proved that first impressions (and second, and third, and fourth) aren’t necessarily always correct. Who would have predicted a few weeks ago that needy Natalie would become one of the power players of this season?

Spoiler only has 7 letters, otherwise Natalie would think it was a clue.

Seriously, though, before we get into the nuts and bolts of tonight’s episode let’s take a second to talk about Natalie and her newfound confidence and determination. If there was ever any doubt that sometimes a woman is definitely better off without a man, she is living proof this is true. Since Matt was evicted she’s become quite the driving force in the house, swaying Adam on who to nominate, correctly identifying Joshuah as a secretly powerful player and then eventually winning a clutch HoH for her alliance. If she has a successful HoH week I think this will be one of the biggest turning points in the game so far. Just two weeks ago she was following Matt around like a wounded puppy and generally making a fool of herself. Not to say that her mental capacity has improved in the last few weeks (for example, she thinks Alzheimer’s disease is called "old timer’s" and has problems spelling words like night, light and right) but the distraction of an eligible boy in her radius has been removed and she is here to play the game. Props to the girl for gaining back some of her self-respect.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled recap. Julie greets us and leads us into a package that picks up right where the veto ceremony lets off, and from the first few seconds its so obvious who is going home the show doesn’t even attempt to have us think any differently. What is interesting is how it shows Chelsia completely cracking up in the days following her nomination, getting increasingly agitated with Natalie and even going so far as to destroy a batch of Easter eggs Natalie lovingly decorated. She then goes on to berate an absent Natalie (who has wisely left the room to avoid the attack) by yelling and calling her "white trash." How…Mean Girls of her. Also, it’s boring to be that immature. At least come up with clever insults, Chelsia! Putting someone down because they haven’t had the educational opportunities you have had is just silly. Oh, and she does all this while sporting a University of Iowa t-shirt. I’m sure all of her fellow Hawkeyes are so proud. James even turns on her, confirming that she’s so alienated the rest of the house he cannot even throw her a sympathy vote lest it affect his game.

We then return to the houseguests only to learn of Sheila’s attraction to Evel Dick. When I return to consciousness after blacking out in horror, Adam’s family is giving the typical "he’s really nice once you get to know him" speech that every relative and family member of a reality television show cast member is required to do at some point. In this case, though, I actually kind of believe them. Adam may be an obnoxious brute, but he seems to have a decent heart. Also, his high school yearbook picture is so fantastically awesome I cannot bring myself to hate him. Until now, I never knew the guys in Jersey had hair just as big as the girls. When Julie does Adam’s HoH interview, he curses on live television which was also very awesome. CBS is surely thanking their lucky stars for 7 second delay technology right now.

Before the anti-climactic live vote both Sharon and Chelsia are given the chance to give a speech to sway their fellow houseguests. Sharon gives a benign little talk, but Chelsia obviously knows she is leaving and positively goes off, berating the houseguests for being phony and accusing them of breastfeeding off each other or something to that effect. Nonsensical and disgusting! Sweet. When Chelsia is unanimously evicted, she again gives an even more venomous tirade to her fellow houseguests. Sheila comments about her immaturity, and although I don’t think Sheila is much better I have to agree. Chelsia then whispers something to James and Joshuah, which she later explains to Julie were basically just pep talks for the HoH competition. I don’t think that’s going to work out so well, Chelsia, so if you were considering a motivational speaking job after this you might want to look into other career options.

The HoH competition this week is called "Big Brother Election," where basically CBS polled viewers online to see how they would answer certain questions about the houseguests. The houseguests are then asked multiple choice questions about how they think America answered. The houseguests with the most correct answers at the end of seven questions is the winner, and Natalie pretty much runs away with the competition, only getting the last question wrong. Just when I am celebrating Natalie’s newfound intelligence, she tells Julie she’s excited about the win so she can hear her Yellowcard CD, and my doubts spring back anew. Out of all of the CD’s in the world…Yellowcard? Hopefully her nominations will be more thought out than her musical choices, that’s for sure.

Favorite quotes:
– "I would say he has a bit of Rain Man in him sometimes." – Adam’s mom, talking about his incredible memory
– "Chelsia is currently like the S.S. Titanic. She’s sinking and I’m a passenger on the ship." – James

Posted by:Carrie Raisler