always sunny season 7 group 1 fx 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' at Comic Con: 'The Gang Broke Dee' premieres

It’s always sunny at Comic-Con when the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” comes to town and 2013 is no different. Before kicking off their Hall H panel, the show’s season 9 premiere is screened. Stop reading now to avoid spoilers.
“The Gang Broke Dee” finds Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) deep in depression, eating month-old cake and chugging liquor. The gang realizes that they’re at fault because, well, they’re awful to her. “I might as well just throw myself in front of a bus, because I’m so ugly I can’t even get a bus to hit on  me,” she says.
From there, they decide to cheer her up to … Interesting results. Dee does find success as a stand-up comedian, even if Dennis (Glenn Howerton) hates it. Where the episode goes from there make you think things will finally turn out right for old Sweet Dee. Could that actually happen? The only way to find out it to tune into the season premiere. It’ll be worth the wait though, as it’s “Always Sunny” at its very best.
After the cast takes the stage, Howerton tells the crowd that there will be a “Lethal Weapon 6” episode, as well as one where they quarantine themselves in a bar to avoid getting the flu. As for the episode written by the “Game of Thrones” showrunners, “Flowers for Charlie,” the character of Charlie (Charlie Day) temporarily becomes much smarter. Day likens it to the movie “Limitless.”
If nudity on the show if your thing, season 9 will be for you. According to Kaitlin, “There’s more naked Danny [DeVito] this year … You’ve gotta give the people what they want.” “I bare it all,” DeVito says.
When asked if the moderator of Dennis is bisexual, Charlie chimes in with, “I think he is trisexial,” which earns him a high five from Glenn.
Rob McElhenney (Mac) says the network doesn’t really tell them no, but an episode written for the upcoming season, featuring the gang going on “Family Feud” never happened, He says the game show was on board, but if fans want to see it to direct their letters to the show’s host, Steve Harvey. That would be a great one.
During fan questions, Rob also mentions the Thanksgiving episode, which will see the return of many fan favorite characters from the show’s past seasons, featuring many special guest stars.
Season 9 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will premiere September 4 on the new FXX.
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