always sunny gift guide 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' holiday gift guide: Paddy's Pub favorites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, even if you are one of the worst human beings in all of Philadelphia. For the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fan in your life, there are tons of creative and fun options for holiday gifts. In fact, if you try hard enough you might even be able to recreate Paddy’s Pub for that person. You can recreate it for yourself too, if that’s your aim.
Zap2it has done the hard work for you, rounding up the very best “Almost Sunny” gifts for your holiday shopping needs.
Under $50:

always sunny guide plastic cups 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' holiday gift guide: Paddy's Pub favorites

Assorted “Always Sunny” Coffee Mugs ($14.95) — There are several mugs you can buy for your caffeine needs. You can get them with cast photos, the show’s logo and even with images of the CharDee MacDennis Game of Games or a German Shepherd.

Paddy’s Pub Plastic Cups ($19.95) — These aren’t necessarily made for beer pong, but if you need cups for that reason why wouldn’t you want to play for Team Paddy’s Pub?
Assorted “Always Sunny” T-shirts ($26.95) — The beauty of “Always Sunny” is how easy it is to dress like your favorite characters, because there are so many shirts. FXX has released shirts like Mac’s “RIOT,” Charlie’s “Famous Horse,” “Reynolds for Comptroller” and even one for the Battle of the Bands. Of course, you can also go with the standard Paddy’s Pub shirt, as well.

Paddy’s Pub Seatbelt Belt ($32.95) — It’s nothing if not a ridiculously unique accessory. Buckle up for Paddy’s pub with a belt made out of a seatbelt.

always sunny guide game 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' holiday gift guide: Paddy's Pub favorites

Green Man Suit ($35.00) — Sure, it could be seen as a Halloween costume, but the Green Man is so much more. Whoever has this can slip into Charlie’s alter ego whenever they want, which is a terrifying thought.
CharDee MacDennis Game of Games ($39.95) — Whoever gets this will have to make up their own questions, but if it’s enough to help the gang beat their boredom then game on.

Under $100:
Awkward Family Photo Lamp ($59.95) — This will certainly light up a desk. In doing so you’ll also get to stare at those five ugly mugs, which might be a little frightening the first couple times.
Paddy’s Pub Wood Sign ($89.95) — A sign marking the room as the worst bar in America is just what everyone needs in their house, right? Whoever owns this will show their Paddy’s Pub pride.

always sunny guide beer pong 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' holiday gift guide: Paddy's Pub favorites

Paddy’s Pub Bar Stool ($99.95) — If you or someone you know has a bar in their house but no stools, take some right out of Paddy’s Pub. A nice little “Always Sunny” bonus to your personal space.
Over $100
Paddy’s Pub Beer Pong Table ($129.99) — If you bought the plastic cups, might as well go the distance and buy a beer pong table to play on. The finishing touch to a fan’s own Paddy’s Pub. Also available in a Philadelphia edition.
“It’s Always Sunny” Seasons 1-6 on DVD ($196.99) — If you’re a fan who is desperate to bring someone into your “Always Sunny” world, give the gift of DVDs. They’ll have no choice but to watch if you put the episodes directly in their hands.
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