Robmcelhenney_itsalwayssunnyinphila After a few lackluster weeks, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia came roaring back with the sort of episode at which Mac and the gang excel. Charlie’s been watching too much Law & Order, and Frank a mix of Dateline NBC and 24, and they decide Mac is — naturally — a serial killer.

Would you spoil me? I’d spoil me.

A serial killer is stalking Philly, and Mac’s acting weird. He’s dating Carmen the Transsexual, see, but doesn’t want anyone to know, and the rest of the gang assumes he’s the killer. Frank wants to torture him with a chainsaw; Charlie wants to defend him in court; and Dennis and Dee decide to step into the shoes of a serial killer.

After a failed attempt at using Dee in vinyl as bait to catch the killer (and instead resulting in Dennis trading his Fraggle Rock Thermos to a pimp named Pepper Jack for her freedom), the twins decide they need to play at being killers to understand one. That prompts perhaps the funniest sequence, from a weapon-shopping expedition to creating personas. Oh, and they need a target. All of the above lead to Dennis as a house painter and Dee as the cutest psycho clown ever stalking Cute Waitress, only to be liberally sprayed with mace.

Charlieday3_itsalwayssunnyinphilade The gang finally lures Mac to Dee’s neighbor’s apartment for a brilliant parody of To Catch A Predator, complete with cookies. The truth comes out, including a hilarious throwaway line about Carmen "taping it back," after an L&O-flavored interrogation by Charlie.

Oh, but the neighbor’s fridge is full of severed heads (and, of course, Ben & Jerry’s pints on the door) and said neighbor arrives home just after the discovery. Can Frank’s chainsaw save the Paddy’s gang?

Posted by:Andy Grieser