Isaiahwashington It’s been a bad news week for two former "Grey’s Anatomy” adversaries.

Formally fired “Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington and his wife, Jenisa, have been served with a three-day notice to pay up or hit the bricks, resulting from an eviction from their home. They allegedly owe $100,000 in back rent.

According to the documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday by Sandalwood Properties, the couple has failed to pay rent on the $3.65-million Venice canal front home since November. They had been paying $20,000 a month. But it may all be a big mix-up. Seriously.

Trknightcarcrash Then T.R. Knight, rumored to be leaving the show and whom Washington famous called a homophobic slur, got into a car accident on March 19.

Now Los Angeles police say the boyish star actually caused the three-car pile-up in Hollywood that sent one woman to the hospital for minor injuries.

"He is at fault, but it was just a minor incident," LAPD spokesman Richard French tells E! News. "He was late getting through the intersection."

Because no officer saw the crash, Knight will probably not be ticketed for the smash-up, which is now a case for the parties’ respective insurance companies.

Hope next week is better, guys!

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