We’re down to the final five on Dancing with the Stars and it’s anybody’s game at this point. Who will rise to the occasion and who will be bitten by the rabid, snapping jaws of mediocrity? Let’s find out, shall we?


1. Jennie Garth & Derek
Dance: The Jive
Song: "It Takes Two" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
Keeping Len’s comments from last week in mind ("The only person who doesn’t believe you’re a dancer is you."), Derek tries yet again to get her to believe how good she is as Jennie says she feels "like an actress acting like a dancer." To help her let go of all that, enter Richard Simmons. I kid you not. He tells her that she needs to work on her self worth and telling her all sorts of nice things about herself which makes Jennie cry. Because he’s Richard Simmons and that’s what he does. Richard then talks her through a few things and tells her not to think of herself as an actress, but as a performer. Did this help Jennie get over whatever it was she was hanging on to that was dragging her down? Well, I think it did. She certainly seemed to have a much…stronger/clearer energy then she had before. But there was also an erratic quality to it, like she didn’t have good balance or something and it felt a bit rushed. But I do like the way she attacked the dance. Len says it was good but it wasn’t the best and all the judges agree, as do I.
Best Judge Line: It wasn’t a best line, per se, but Carrie Ann tells her to watch her posture which could explain why she didn’t seem balanced.
Score: 24 (all 8’s)

2. Cameron Mathison & Edyta
Viennese Waltz
Song: Is this…is this from one of the Harry Potter movies? Not that it doesn’t fit but I’m a smidge surprised.
Because they didn’t announce the bottom two last week and thus no one knows where they stand, Cameron decides it’s a good time to rally the troops. So at Super Soap (the ABC soap fan convention – cross-promotion alert!), he makes sure to meet as many fans as possible. He also really, really wants to get a 10 as he’s the only star who hasn’t gotten one yet. He has good lines and they cover a lot of ground while traveling across the floor. I think he did good job showcasing and framing Edyta despite the height difference. My only really problem is I wish he was wearing a different colored tux – the gray just wasn’t working for me. White would’ve been better.
Best Judge Line: Bruno says he had a "majestic sweep and a gliding quality like a great, big, gray albatross, my darling."
Score: 27 (all 9’s)

3. Marie Osmond & Jonathan
Song: "My Cherie Amore" by Stevie Wonder. As soon as the opening notes played, I prepared myself for the vocals to be butchered. But they really weren’t, thank goodness.
The bad news, of course, is that Marie’s dad past away last week but the slight bit of good news in there is that she talked to him and let him know they were dedicating the Jive to him and he got to see it. During rehearsal, Jonathan tells Marie that the most important thing about the Rumba is that they see passionate, romantic moves between them. Like Jennie, Marie gets all giggly about it and tells Jonathan that to really be able to do this dance, she’s going to need his wife’s permission. His wife is Anna, who was Albert Reed’s partner and got voted off in Week 2. She stays and gives Marie a lot of pointers. Did it work? Well, one thing’s for certain, Marie is working that dress. She had a good energy and they did some nice split tricks. The hip action was decent…all in all, it was solid but not spectacular.
Best Judge Line: Len says, "I know the writers have gone out on strike but I think yours hips have come out in sympathy with them."
Score: 24 (all 8’s)

4. Helio Gastronomes & Julianne
Paso Doble
Song: I don’t know the name of it, but it’s a rare and appropriate song. It’s heavy on the woodwinds though…is this the song Cameron danced to earlier this season?
Since his technique wasn’t up to par last week, Helio and Julianne are going to focus on that this week. To that end, they watch a replay of the dance while she takes a pointer and identifies every mistake he made. She also decides to assemble a "Pitcrew of Dance" to help Helio – Tony for technique, Corky Vales (a 7-time Latin champion) to teach him how to use the cape, and Heather Smith, another Ballroom champion who’s there to help instill a winning attitude. They certainly helped because he had a much better showing than last week. He had excellent energy, good lines, and appropriate facial expressions.
Best Judge Line: There really wasn’t one, but Bruno did say, "Ole!"
Score: 27 (all 9’s)

5. Mel B. & Maksim
Song: Really? "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode. Seriously?
To help Mel get in touch with the angry intensity needed for the Tango, Maks invites her husband Stefan to rehearsal (When did she get married? I totally missed that…). It was a somewhat superfluous visit, but it was nice to see them interact – they’re cute together. Despite the odd music choice, it was a very good Tango. Props to Maksim on the great choreography. She did have the intensity and solid footwork…it was good but I don’t think it’ll get 10’s.
Best Judge Line: Bruno says she was "Really Scary Spice." Insert rim shot here.
Score: 27 (all 9’s)

6. Jennie & Derek
Song: "I’ve Got You Under My Skin"
Jennie looks very 40’s glamor Hollywood. I like the outfit. This was a much better go around for her. The energy felt more focused, she was very graceful, and the only bad thing I have to say about it is that she’s still not quite pointing her toes when she kicks. But it was very solid.
Best Judge Line: Carrie Ann gives another bit of advice and tells her to watch her chin as she tends to lead with it. And Bruno is being harsh because he believes she can dazzle then but just isn’t doing it.
Score: 26 (9-9-8 – with copious booing in Bruno’s direction for the 8)

7. Cameron & Edyta
Cha Cha
Song: "Brown Sugar" by The Rolling Stones. For a Cha Cha? Eh.
Cameron is dancing in a vest and no shirt. Skin to win. Anyhoo, it was a decent Cha Cha. Cameron’s lines and holds are still solid but…there was no real element of excitement to it and it felt a little slow. Maybe if they gave them a real Cha Cha song it wouldn’t have felt so blah. So, not bad but not fantastic.
Best Judge Line: Carrie Ann, who’s batting a thousand with advice tonight, tells him to work on the parts in between the stops and poses where he hits his lines.
Score: 24 (all 8’s)

8. Marie & Jonathan
The Jive
Song: "Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under" By Shania Twain
It was a cute, fun little number. She had some good moments in there but she wasn’t as bouncy as she should have been at times. It seemed a bit slow, like Cameron’s Cha Cha.
Best Judge Line: Bruno says, "I’m in a demanding mood, I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight." Marie replies, "You need chocolate."
Score: 25 (8-9-8)

9. Helio & Julianne
Song: "Hey Pachuco" by Royal Crown Revue – great song and the band did a good job (though the arrangement was a bit off in the middle).
As the song is part of The Mask soundtrack, Helio and Julianne were dressed like the main characters in the movie and the choreography also fit with it. This was much better than the first number. Lots of energy, great moves and they’ll get at least one 10.
Best Judge Line: No real great line.
Score: They got more than one 10 – they got a perfect score of 30

10. Mel & Maksim
Song: A song from the soundtrack to The Mambo Kings, the name of which I don’t remember but it’s a rare appropriate song for the dance style.
This was a really good Mambo. It was fun and a little cheeky and they packed in a lot of great tricks. And Mel was working that shimmy dress too. This might get a 10 or two as well.
Best Judge Line: Carrie Ann says that Maks looks like his having a lot of fun which is a testament to how good a job Mel is doing since he’s bringing a little more to the floor.
Score: 29 (9-10-10)

The Bottom Two: It’s between Cameron, Marie and Jennie this week. Cameron’s been the most consistent of the three but Marie and Jennie have a strong sentimental vote I think. It’s a toss up, really.
Who’s Out: Um…I don’t know. I think it’s going to be Marie or Jennie…but it could just as easily be Cameron.

And one last thing: I’m super excited about tomorrow’s show because, despite all the filler, Fatima Robinson is going to be choreographing a number and I heart her.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks