Grammy Celebrity Couples News: At one after-party, Grammy winner John Mayer was with not one Simpson sister, but two — and their dad, at the Sony BMG bash at the swanky Bev Hills Hotel. Mayer and Jess made out briefly on her arrival to their private (if you call private being on display for all to see) cabana outside the party. Jess, by the way, has long brunette locks now, perhaps to make her seem more "serious" and "smart-like" for her intellectual musician beau. Ashlee, who’s new petite nose was reportedly done by the same nose doc who worked on Cameron and Jennifer, looked absolutely adorable. Papa Joe was having a grand ole time talking biz with Sony execs. So is this a match made in music heaven or hell? Only time will tell. I’d run a photo of John and Jess snuggling but WireImage sez I have to call them and its too darn late for that. More tomorrow. Oh, and I don’t think Ryan Seacrest will be the last to know about this. Is Mayer ruining his career with these PR hijinks or what? Your thoughts?

Photo Credits: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Posted by:LATimes