michelle obama birthday It's Michelle Obama's birthday! Five reasons we love the First Lady

Big birthday wishes go out to Michelle Obama. The First Lady turns 49 today, and continues to be as fabulous as ever.

In honor of her big day, we’ve decided to put together a list of reasons that we adore the wife of President Barack Obama. From her great sense of style to her healthy habits, Michelle is someone we should be thankful to have around.

She promotes healthy eating habits and exercise 
Michelle has admitted that her guilty pleasure is French fries, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know the value of eating right and working out. In fact, Michelle has taken it upon herself to fight childhood obesity, and has passed a bill that provides schools with new guidelines to make sure kids are eating the right foods. Her Let’s Move! campaign is another part of her fight to make America healthier, and that should be something no one fights against.

She knows how to dress herself

Saying Michelle Obama knows good fashion is like saying the sky is blue. It’s almost a guarantee that she will dress to perfection at all of her public outings, but what’s even better is that she never breaks the bank. Take for instance the Michael Kors dress she wore on election night. Though the designer’s outfits can get a bit pricy, Michelle has gotten good use out of the dress by wearing it to big public occasions three times.

She loves herself some reality television

Beyond her guest appearance on “iCarly,” Michelle has made it clear that her television tastes aren’t that much different than our own. When asked what her favorite reality show was, she admitted, “I do love a little ‘Real Housewives’ every now and then.” We also respect the fact that Michelle admitted to watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” with her daughters, even though her husband doesn’t approve.

She’s a great mom

Though Sasha and Malia might not love the fact that their cell phone and television use are restricted, there’s no denying that Michelle is trying to make her daughters the best people they can be. From making sure they stay modest to teaching them good morals to just generally being there for her children, Michelle example is one others should strive to — though that 8 p.m. bed time does seem a little early.

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Love or hate the Obamas, it’s nice to see them continue to stand by each other’s side during Barack’s second term as president.

four more years It's Michelle Obama's birthday! Five reasons we love the First Lady

Posted by:Terri Schwartz