Zacharylevi_chuck_290 Breathe easy and stock up on your foot-long sandwiches, “Chuck” fans: NBC has finally given the official word that the show will return next season.

That’s about all the information there is so far — the network is releasing its 2009-10 schedule later Tuesday morning, at which point we’ll know where the object of an intense save-the-show campaign lands during the week. NBC does note, however, that the renewal was made possible in part by the show entering into an “innovative advertising partnership” with Subway.

The sandwich-shop chain got prominent product placement in several “Chuck” episodes this season, and fans pledged to buy subs in support of the show when its finale aired April 27. The new ad deal calls for more product integration on the air (maybe the new bunker will be under a Subway?) along with more traditional advertising tie-ins.

“This innovative partnership is a perfect example of the effectiveness of the NBC Infront,” NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman says. “By involving Subway early in the process, we were able to bring a quality show like ‘Chuck’ back to NBC for next season. Everybody wins — NBC, Subway, and the loyal fans who so enthusiastically lobbied for ‘Chuck’s’ renewal.”

Posted by:Rick Porter