It’s official.

France’s First Lady is bringing high fashion back to court.

For the first time since Princess Diana, the fashion world is actually buzzing about a designer gown worn to the Windsor Castle State Dinner last night.

Here’s French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s new bride, former model Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, wearing a navy blue Dior gown designed by the fashion world’s ‘enfante terrible’ John Galliano.

Personally, I think she looks great, like a new millennium Audrey Hepburn, even though I’m not wild about the old lady sheer chiffon cape top.

But I understand why she didn’t want to show off much bare flesh, after that embarrassing news about her nude photo going on auction broke earlier this week.

Notice she’s also sporting low wedge heels, not stilettos. Carla is a few inches taller than her husband (Nicolas is – ouch – actually closer to Queen Elizabeth’s size! Carla’s closer to Prince Phillip’s stature) and to wear heels that would make their height difference even more apparent, well, it’s just not done.

And I’m not the only who’s noticed Carla lowered heels. Click here to read the international analysis of the couple’s height disparity.

What do you think? Is Carla the new fashion queen of international politics? I can’t think of a rival. And hey, this gown is a much better sight than Hillary Clinton‘s dowdy pantsuits!(Not that there’s anything wrong with them. There’s just nothing right on about them either.)

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead