It’s time!  I’m heading to the Kodak Theatre to attend the Oscars in about 15 minutes. What am I wearing? A skull print B&W halter gown that looks like Thomas Wylde but isn’t. If anyone asks, I’m just gonna whisper that its a Momento di Mori and see what kind of reactions I get. Can’t wait to see the fancy designer gowns on all the gorgeous actresses. I’ll be taking notes on everyone’s attire and will put up a Red Carpet Rewind rundown tomorrow.
After the show ends tonight, I’ll hit the Governors Ball for a while, then make my way to the Vanity Fair party, which is actually only a few blocks from my WeHo house so I can avoid the dreaded limo-lock and just walk there. I’ll get funny looks but I always get funny looks. I’ll try to post with my PDA during the show (discreetly in the bathroom, of course) and maybe from outside the Gov Ball. But if you don’t see any items, don’t worry. It just means the security guards at the Oscars confiscated my PDA. I’ll still post some behind-the-scenes dirt, juice and dirty juice ASAP.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead