Lindsaylohansamronson Need yet another sign of the apocalypse?

A new signal that the current economic downslide is far, far worse than we even imagined?

Then click here to see Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson actually — riding the New York subway!

The lovebirds eventually got off at the trendy district of SoHo to collect DJ equipment for Ronson’s gigs.

My God. What will be next?

Firing their personal stylists?

Getting rid of their PR flacks?

Wearing (shudder) a designer dress to a party more than once?

If these two pampered celebs are cutting back on chauffeur-driven limos,  I guess it’s time we all tightened our cinch belts.

Hang in there, folks.

This is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Photos: LIndsay and Sam go slumming.


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead