iyanla vanzant oprah interview Iyanla Vanzant reminds Oprah/us why she used to be on TV

In her own word, which she used several times during her Feb. 16 appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Iyanla Vanzant is crazy.

And “there’s some crazy that a pill can’t fix.”

The former Oprah expert, who was banished from the program in 1999 after she revealed she was negotiating her own series with Barbara Walters and Buena Vista Television, finally gave her side of the story to her former boss. And it all boils down to misunderstandings and uninformed decisions.

Oprah admits she was grooming Iyanla for her own series, like the ones she’s since handed to Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, but when Iyanla got the offer from Walters, she decided not to wait for Oprah to counter.

“You said that you’d been fasting,” Oprah recalls from their confrontation, “that you had prayed, that god had spoken to you and that god told you that ‘this is the anointed time, not the appointed time.'”

That phrase was tossed around several times during the interview — but never really explained. What is explained is how Vanzant’s ensuing series, “The Iyanla Show,” only lasted one season.

“Their goal was to get me away from you,” she says. When Oprah asks what it was like, Vanzant dissolved into what we can really only describe as a fit of emphatic convulsions.

“Just the thought about it, it just sends shivers through me,” she says. “Let me put it this way, $27 million television show, and I didn’t have an office — because I allowed it.”

Vanzant says the show failed because she wasn’t ready for it, and the people around her didn’t understand what she was about.

There you have it. Or do you? It doesn’t end here. Iyanla and Oprah may have patched things up, but there’s a Part 2 of the interview, including talk of suicide attempts, that airs Wednesday, Feb. 23.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell