jennifer lopez chris brown studio photo twitter J. Lo and Chris Brown photo: Are they working together on Jennifer Lopez's new album?

Is Jennifer Lopez working with Chris Brown on her newest album? A photo posted by J. Lo on her Twitter shows the two sitting together — does this mean that Brown will feature on Lopez’s upcoming album?

Lopez posted the photo on Thursday morning (March 21), but the caption of her tweet gave away very little:

“@chrisbrown @CORYROONEY @BEAUcasperSMART @missgillygrace #studiolife #makinghistory #Album10 #SAMEGIRL”

In the photo, Lopez sits in between Brown and producer Cory Rooney in what appears to be a music studio. The trio are obviously comfortable, with Lopez resting her head on Brown’s. The #Album10 hashtag definitely indicates that they are working on Lopez’s album — it will be her 10th — but the other remarks are somewhat more mysterious.

Are we getting hints about some track or album titles? Some on Twitter have speculated that “Same Girl” might be the name of Lopez’s upcoming release.

How much will Chris Brown feature on the album? He might be collaborating on just the one track, or there could be more coming. Considering Brown’s notoriety for violence and legal troubles, what does this mean for Lopez?

Posted by:Laurel Brown