Ja Rule rocked a DCMA black hoodie and what he called "Jesus Christ bling" around his neck at the opening of Joel and Benji Madden’s new boutique.

But he’s doing way more than wearing Good Charlotte’s dudes duds. He’s also making music with them.

"They’re  great guys," Rule said about the musicians he’d just met earlier that day. "I mean, the clothing line is hot. But
besides that, they’re just great. We kicked it today.
We did some stuff in the studio, made some music and talked.  We felt the good vibe so we’ve just started
laying some stuff that will be on my album coming out in June.  Some hip-hop stuff in the bag, some
Good Charlotte stuff in the bag. This album in going to be much
different to my previous work."

He’s also looking forward to working with Jennifer (don’t call me JLo) Lopez again.

Has he spoke to her since she had her babies? 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he said. "I wished her congratulations and everything. I didn’t get to see the twins yet but I’m gonna shoot on down to Miami so I’ll see them soon. She’s taking some time off right now. So  I’ll let mamma relax you know. I’ll let her get her baby hat on, do her mamma thing and then she’ll be back in the swing of things."

Photos: WireImage
Reporting: Sal Morgan

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead