jacintha saldanha kids husband ben barboza gi Jacintha Saldanha: Nurse left suicide note in royal prank call scandal

The nurse who was found dead after a prank call to Kate Middleton‘s hospital room left a suicide note for her family.
9 News in Australia reports Jacintha Saldanha, who answered the now infamous phone call from Australian radio personalities Mel Greig and Michael Christian, left the note behind when her body was found at her nurses’ quarters near King Edward VII Hospital.
There is no word yet as to the contents of the note.
It was reported earlier the morning show hosted by Greig and Christian was canceled, and the radio station announced plans to donate their ad revenue to a fund for Saldanha’s family.
Mel and Michael placed a call to the hospital, posing as Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II, which Saldanha answered and transferred to Middleton’s room, where she was being treated for severe morning sickness. An unwitting nurse in the room provided private details about Kate’s condition over the air. 
Saldanha was found dead days later. She left behind a daughter, a son, and her husband, Ben Barboza.
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