The looming closure of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles — you may know it as “Carmageddon” — has prompted the latest in a long series of Hitler/”Downfall” rants on YouTube.

But that’s yesterday’s meme — today we have a new Internet hero, and his name is Jake VanDorn. An ingenious YouTube user has intercut shots of George C. Scott‘s character from the 1979 movie “Hardcore” with the trailer for “Jack and Jill,” the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy in which he plays both a guy and his twin sister.

The trailer is pretty painful, but the deft editing of the “Hardcore” scene — in which Scott’s character discovers his missing daughter has been forced into making porn films — makes it much more bearable. Kudos to you, YouTube user pbonanno, for this brilliant bit of mashup. May your meme spread far and wide.

Posted by:Rick Porter