The latest in the Kiefer Sutherland headbutt saga? He's innocent!

That's what it means when a statement is issued saying he was "neither the instigator nor a wrongdoer in this incident," right?

Michael C. Miller, an attorney for Sutherland, released the following on behalf of his client today:

We are troubled by the untruthful and self-serving information

circulating regarding Kiefer Sutherland and events of last Monday evening. We

are confident, however, that the investigation being conducted by the Manhattan

District Attorney’s Office and the NYPD will confirm that Kiefer

Sutherland was neither the instigator nor a wrongdoer in this incident. Out of

respect for this law enforcement process, Kiefer Sutherland will not be making

any comment.

In case you missed it, Kiefer supposedly headbutted a fashion designer at the Met Costume Gala last Monday. The gossip is that he was defending Brooke Shields who was bumped by the designer, though Shields has denied that said "bumping" went down. Her rep says they don't know why Kiefer did what he did…

Jack Bauer!

UPDATE: Oh boy… Another statement — this one from Shields' camp — saying she had nothing to do with the previous statements was released via Gerald Lefcourt, her attorney:

A number of statements have been attributed to Ms. Shields in the media that are neither true nor authorized. These statements were obviously made by those who were not in attendance at the party and constitute their version of events. While at the party she was bumped into by Jack McCullough and Kiefer Sutherland became concerned. Kiefer has always been a gentleman in her company. Both Jack and Kiefer are friends of Ms. Shields and she regrets this unfortunate situation.

If I have to pick a Jack, I'm going with Bauer. You?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh