dancing with the stars jack osbourne cheryl burke sharon osbourne jay leno abc Jack Osbourne: Sharon's Jay Leno affair, 'Dancing with the Stars' and MS

Jack Osbourne was ready to talk after his “Dancing with the Stars” debut in the Season 17 premiere — and not just about dancing. The TV personality had things to say about Sharon Osbourne‘s affair with Jay Leno and Jack’s own battle with multiple sclerosis.

As it turns out, Sharon’s long-ago relationship is pretty much an Osbourne family joke. When asked about Leno and his mother, Jack simply laughed. “We’ve known about that for years,” he said. “That’s been no hidden secret. It’s been a go-to joke around the house. We don’t let her get away lightly from that one!”

This just goes to show — yet again — that the Osbournes are an odd sort of family.

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Jack was a little more serious when it came to his own diagnosis of MS. “When you get diagnosed with something like MS, you’re like, ‘Okay. Well, I’m going to be this kind of person,'” he explained. “You get typecast.” Participating in a physical competition like “Dancing with the Stars” helps with that. “Just knowing that I physically can do what anyone else on this show can — and do it well,” Jack added. “That’s really what I’m looking for in this.”

With a family connection — his sister, Kelly — to “Dancing with the Stars,” Jack knew that the competition could have meaning. “It can take you such an amazing place — physically, emotionally, spiritually. And I mean, this show completely turned Kelly’s life around,” he said.

Considering how well his own first dance went — Jack and partner Cheryl Burke earned a solid 23 points from the judges — Jack may just have some of his own life-changing moments before this is all over.

Posted by:Laurel Brown