— airing Tuesdays — makes you want to look your best and hit the gym. And we all can thank the show’s star, Jackie Warner, for that.

At 39, Warner could easily pass for mid-20s, and whether her looks are from genetics or clean living, she’s not afraid to show off what the good Lord gave her — that being muscular abs and quads and glutes and other things. And when you’re a personal trainer in Beverly Hills, not only does your body need to look good, so does your workout apparel.

Being the savvy type, Warner gets that. She has her own line of workout wear under the SkyLab label, which is also the name of a fitness camp she created at her Sky Sport & Spa gym. But unlike most celebs who just slap their names on a line and never look back, Warner actually has a background in fashion, having moved west as a teen for a scholarship at California’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her newest line, TEN (the Japanese word for sky), is available at www.jackiewarner.com and features everything you could want from the ankles up for a fashionable and comfortable workout.

“The thing with me is that I always create a product that I can’t find in the marketplace,” Warner says. “I wanted clothes that translated from workout to going to lunch or out shopping and that had a little bit of an edge. I can’t find that with Nike. I love Nike shoes (she swears by Nike’s Shox iD line), but you can’t get that edgy feel with the bigger name brands. I was wearing other designers, like L.A.M.B., but I’m not into spending $400 on a track outfit.”

TEN is everything Warner looks for in workout wear. It’s comfortable (it’s made of supersoft pima cotton), edgy and perfectly cut to emphasize a long, lean and athletic body.

“I can’t stand it when girls who shouldn’t be wearing tight Lycra are wearing it,” Warner says. “So many wear high-waisted workout pants. That is the wrong way to elongate the body. You need a long inseam but a low waist. And their tanks are cut too short. It’s all about lengthening.”

Speaking of tanks, Warner recommends racerbacks.

“They’re the sexiest tank a woman can wear,” she says. “It’s open in the back so you see her back, and it gives the illusion of a stronger shoulder line and a smaller waist.”

TEN is priced right with most items falling in the $20 to $60 range. It also features colors Warner calls “collegiate or flag colors”: blues, reds, yellows, greens in addition to charcoals, heather grays and blacks.

Posted by:Michael Korb