teresa giudice jacqueline laurita getty Jacqueline Laurita reaches out to Teresa Giudice on Twitter after apology“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice apologized to her cast mates via open letters in In Touch magazine Wednesday (April 25), and within hours Jacqueline Laurita took to Twitter to reach out to her former friend.

“Hey @Teresa_Giudice ! I’d love for you to come over for a cup of tea with me so that we can sit down and talk. Call me,” Jacqueline writes.

Presumably not receiving a call from Teresa, Jacqueline then tweets another friend asking her to call her to see if her phone is working, perhaps in an attempt to call Teresa’s bluff.

Teresa responds with, “Sorry @JacLaurita I was in a meeting, I just saw this. Would love to see you. Call me. xx”

Jacqueline immediately tweets back with, “Calling now” and “Went 2 voice message, call me! Come over!”

Teresa then posts, “@JacLaurita sorry my VM is full. Calling you right now… xx”

Do you think these two will patch things up?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper