jada pinkett smith woo Jada Pinkett Smith turns 40: A post 'Hawthorne' plan for the actress

Actress, producer, director, author, singer-songwriter, philanthropist entrepreneur, wife to one of Hollywood’s living icons and mother to two of its budding stars, Jada Pinkett Smith‘s credits seem to go on and on.

And, as of Sept. 18, she’s only 40.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Smith, she can’t currently count “lead on a primetime series” as one of her descriptors. TNT recently canceled her nurse drama “Hawthorne” after three seasons — which we are just fine with.

Smith has always thrived in comedic roles, though that probably hasn’t been what she’s best known for. So to possibly inspire a post-“Hawthorne” gig for the 40-year-old (that doesn’t involve voicing computer-animated hippo), here are 4 of her funniest efforts ever…

1. “Woo”
Oh, the late-’90s romantic comedy. They don’t make them like this anymore — possibly because they didn’t always make much money. So even though it may have tanked, monetarily and with critics, “Woo” holds a special spot in our hearts and remains proof that she can hold a feature all on her own.

2. “Scream 2”
It is both a grim and honorable task to be dispatched in the first scene of a “Scream” movie.  Instead of handling her own with frantic sobs (Drew Barrymore) or a lazy attempt at escape (non-spoilery “Scream 4” reference), Pinkett-Smith went out in “Scream 2” with a lot of sarcasm and the most hilarious over-the-top death scene in franchise history.

3. “The Women”
Yes, the 2008 remake of “The Women” was probably one
of the biggest offenses to modern cinema, but if there was a silver
lining to this dark cloud, it was certainly Pinkett-Smith as a confrontational lesbian writer. She could have been the fifth “Sex and the City” gal…

4. “A Different World”
Late in the life of “Cosby” pseudo-spin-off “A Different World,” the series adopted a “New Class” mentality, bringing a bunch of new co-eds to Hillman College. It didn’t work out so well, but it did introduce Pinkett-Smith to a wider audience. And it allowed her to show off her dance moves:

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