jaden smith iron man kylie jenner Jaden Smith dresses as Iron Man on Kylie Jenner date following Will Smith's Kardashians slam

Jaden Smith might have been in New York City to promote his new movie “After Earth,” but he didn’t dress as his character Kitai Raige when he walked around the Big City. Instead he was spotted on a date with girlfriend Kylie Jenner and two of their friends dressed in a full body “Iron Man” costume.

Is this his way of telling Marvel he would be willing to play Tony Stark in future “Iron Man” sequels? Whatever the reason for the outfit, Smith didn’t seem to mind wearing it on the hot spring day as he and his friends shopped in Times Square and then ate at the restaurant Nobu 57.

Later in the evening, Smith and Jenner showed a united front as they walked separately down the “After Earth” NYC premiere red carpet. It seems as though Jenner wasn’t too offended when Smith’s father Will Smith slammed her family in a recent interview.

“Fame is almost an inconsequential by-product of what we’re really trying to accomplish,” Will tells New York Magazine of his family after his son was asked how they differ from the Kardashians. “We are trying to put great things into the world, we’re trying to have fun, and we’re trying to become the greatest versions of ourselves in the process of doing things we love. So the idea of fame or exploitation or orchestrating the media is sometimes even less than desirable for us.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz