jaden smith emancipation parents gi Jaden Smith wants emancipation from parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith for his birthday

Jaden Smith turns 15 on July 8 and he already knows exactly what he’d like from his parents: Freedom.

“He says, ‘Dad, I want to be emancipated.’ I know if we do this, he can be an emancipated minor, because he really wants to have his own place, like ooh,” Will Smith tells The Sun. “That’s the backlash. On the other side, if kids just want to have command of their lives, I understand.”

Though Jaden has been acting in films since he was a child, he has always had his parents to fall back on. Will produced “The Karate Kid” and both produces and stars in the upcoming “After Earth,” and of course had his son make his feature film debut in his 2006 movie “The Pursuit of Happyness.” While Jaden’s desire to separate himself from his parents is understandable, emancipation at age 15 seems a bit extreme. Even if Will does grant his son his dream birthday wish, it’s assumed that he will still be involved in Jaden’s professional life in some capacity.

“A big part of my relationship with my father and my relationship with Jaden is similar in that I was raised in the family business,” Smith explains. “My father bagged and delivered those ice bags you see in the big refrigerators in supermarkets, those long freezer cabinets, and we installed the cabinets too. So that’s very similar for me with Jaden — it’s just that the family business is entertainment. To make a movie like ‘After Earth’ we had to be together every day on the set. It’s like I am teaching my son how to hunt.”

“After Earth” hits theaters on June 7.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz