JakegyllenhaaldragAs if the Oscar show filled with more musical numbers than ever wasn’t bad enough. Now Jake Gyllenhaal and Jim Carrey will star in a musical?

Variety reports that Jim and Jake will star in a contemporary movie version of the classic musical "Damn Yankees,"  which opened on Broadway in 1955 and won seven Tony Awards.

Oh, heck. It’s probably about time.

Not only did Jake break into song onstage at the Palm Springs International Film Festival back in 2006, but his SNL musical debut (check out the photo above) was pretty impressive too.

In the film, Jake will play Joe Boyd, a married middle-aged man whose love of a loser baseball team makes him do a deal with the devil (played by Jim Carrey, naturally).

The devil then transforms him into a slugger to help his team win the World Series.

But who will play the devil’s seductive temptress Lola?

Reese Witherspoon? Charlize Theron? Jenny McCarthy?

Please, not Renee Zellweger.

Credit: NBC

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead